About Felicia Faye Clark

Felicia Faye Clark is an award-winning writer, five-time published author, creative writing instructor, and professional speaker. Who also happens to have grown up, and still living, with the debilitating neurological disorder, "Myasthenia Gravis".

As a teen, her poem, "Springtime In June", was published in "Echoes of Yesterday, The National Library of Poetry". She is the recipient of two "Young Author" awards from the city of Chicago. As an adult, she has written articles for Isthmus, Madison 365, UMOJA, The SistaGurl Blog, and Sheen Magazine. Felicia F. Clark has co-authored "Women Thriving Fearlessly: Volume 2" and "WTF: Mother's Edition". She is the author of, "Forgive Yourself, Felicia..." and "How to Create a Literary Work of Art." She assists young writers into becoming published authors. And she is also a professional speaker on topics ranging from growing up with a terminal illness, bullying, suicide, living with Myasthenia Gravis, single parenting, domestic abuse, sexual assault, child-rearing, and raising a child that is developmentally challenged.