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Stressed Woman



Myasthenia Gravis

I have been living with MG since I was 5 years old...36 years. I had to learn how to learn patience, planning ahead and acceptance. In this topic, I will discuss what causes Myasthenia Gravis. The treatments and life expectancy of a person with MG. Navigate it's challenges. And most importantly, I will discuss how to LIVE with MG. 

    Single Parenthood &

  Raising Children

                with                   Disabilities

As a single parent of three, a former disabled child and now a parent of children with disabilities, I know first hand the challenges that are faced. In this topic, I will discuss what qualifies a child as disabled. How to best help your child with disabilities. As well as show you how to love and nurture your children as they conquer the world. While maintaining your own sanity.

Boxing Session

Domestic Violence 


Living a Safe and Healthy Lifestyle

  I grew up in an abusive household. Emulating and accepting toxicity as normalcy. When I became an adult, I was an abuser. When I married, I was abused. I had to unlearn everything I was taught. What are the types of domestic violence? 

 Do you know what love looks like? What is your interpretation of what love is? If you are being abused, how to get out.

Let's discuss and get you on the path to a safe and healthy lifestyle.




Stabbed in the leg with a compass...set on fire...tripped...shoved. I was threatened with physical violence almost everyday.  That's just some of the things that I faced in school. To the point that I wanted to end my life. In this topic, we discuss the root of the issue. Why is the bully, bullying? Are you the bully? And what to do when you are being bullied. It doesn't have to be accepted. Let's take a dive into the problem and get to solutions. Remember, there are always options and resources.