the unseen...

Although the droopy eyelid is a classic symptom in persons with MG, there are five types:

Juvenile MG- Occurs before the onset of puberty.

Congenital MG- Genetic defect. Inherited from both parents.

Ocular MG- The muscles that move and control the eyes are weakened, easily fatigued, and droopy. The person may have double vision. Although most Myasthenics have a droopy eyelid, with Ocular MG, only the eyes are affected.

Transient MG- MG that is given to an infant from its mother. Very temporary. 

Generalized MG- MG that is all over the body...limbs, facial muscles, even respiratory muscles, and the throat and jaw. The most serious kind. Can cause "Myasthenic Crises", which can lead to death.

MG is an invisible illness that would change the way you live and approach basic daily functions. Although there are five types of MG, there are differences in symptoms and severity. Even how which and how much medication you take. Coining MG "The Fingerprint".