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  • Do you have a story to tell?

  • Want to write a book, but don't know how to begin, nor how to end? 

  • Have you started writing, and have not finished?

  • Or... most IMPORTANTLY, do you want to become an author?

  • Is there a young writer (as young as ten. YES, As young as TEN!) that wants to become an author?

 Being a young author myself,  I absolutely love instructing young writers and making them published authors!

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Allow me to show you how to get started and how to finish. I will provide step-by-step instruction on formatting, creating unforgettable characters, dialogue, editing, and making you a published author! If this sounds like you, shoot me a message!


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"Did you know that most writers never finish writing their book?

Some factors cause some really great stories to be shelved and never to be finished." 

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Perks of Being an Author:
  • Doors and opportunities can open

  • You can make money...even fame and fortune!

  • Your voice gets to be heard

  • Published literature is forever! This means: LEGACY

  • You are forever an author

  • It's a great personal achievement

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